13 March 2012

5 Ways to Stay Creative this Spring

Spring is coming quickly so how do you jump out of those winter blues into a season bursting with creativity?  The season of rebirth should be filled with color, and inspiration.  Here's 5 ideas to get you started!

5 Ways to Stay Creative This Spring

  1. Bring a bouquet of beautiful flowers into the space where you work.  This is the perfect season to get fresh flowers from your local florist or grocery store.  It is also the perfect time of year to get sneaky and swipe some fresh stems from your yard to bring inside.  Don't focus on only bursting blossoms, new buds inspire as well.
  2. Start a new sketch book.  A sketch book that you carry along wherever you go can be a great source of inspiration.  Don't limit yourself as to what you write inside your little book.  Record interactions with people, project ideas, colors, etc.  Then make sure to take one day a week to flip through your book and review your finds.  I find this to be one of the best ways to inspire new projects in my field.  I like this sketchbook a lot - it is small enough to travel well and comes in a 3 pack.
  3. Go outside!  Take a walk or hike somewhere new, or if you feel pressed for time just go outside and get a few minutes of fresh air several times a day.  You will be surprised how sunlight and fresh air can spur creativity in your world.
  4. Explore somewhere new.  I love to excitement of discovering new places no matter how mundane.  Take a new road that you drive by often just to see where it goes.  You never know when you will see a quirky person or creative building that will spark an idea in your brain.  On your days off travel a little bit farther.  Where haven't you been within a 2 hour radius of your home?  You will be surprised at the wonderful things right at your doorstep.
  5. Make it colorful.  Add some color to your space with art, furniture, etc.  You can also purchase a brightly colored shirt to wear in honor of the season of rebirth.

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