12 March 2012

Recipes & Meal Plan for This Week

Welcome to Week #7 of my meal planning experiment!

I am loving the warm weather as I go on my weekly grocery shopping trips.  An errand with the sunroof open is simply more pleasant then it was on a chilly day.  This week I am adding in a few meals from weeks past that I have ingredients for, but haven't cooked yet to help clean out the fridge & will make for an easy shopping trip.

I also wanted to share with you another benefit of meal planning - I have fallen into such a routine for food shopping that I know exactly how much to budget now.  With my smaller trips, and larger stock up trips the numbers were much more variable, but after meal planning for 7 weeks now I can see more of a pattern in my spending.

Here's the plan for this week :

{old favorites}

Turkey BBQ with Sweet Potato Fries & Steamed Corn
Pasta with Pesto, Fresh Italian Bread and Salad
Lighter Chicken Enchiladas
Cayenne Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa & Fresh Green Salad

{new recipes}

Chicken with Green Sauce and Roasted Tomatoes
1-2-3 Alarm Turkey Chili with White Rice

{baking project - if I have time!}
Black Bean Brownies as suggested by An Organic Wife

View my other meal planning blog entries at this link.  They are all packed with good recipes so enjoy!

* Images & text copyright 2012 Brooke Photo Studio


  1. Here from Monday Mingle and enjoying the tour of your blog. I especially love the natural products you make w/essential oils- buenisimo! Following you on G+.


    Stop by my blog and dance awhile.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I will absolutely dance on over to your blog.

  3. YAY! I have been looking for meal planning advice because I really need to shop more purposefully and I just stumbled across your blog on a blog hop. So glad. My blog is www.AugustMagnolia.blogspot.com :)

  4. This week sounds delish as well, perhaps I will throw down with some chicken enchiladas this week! (oh, and the lemon crock pot chicken is simmering as I type, thanks again!)

  5. Just stopping by and following via linkys from the blog hop! I just started menu planning again last month and it amazes me how much money I actually do save when I have a set list and stick to it!


  6. thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! def a new follower! would love for you to guest post on my health and fitness blog if your interested...


  7. @AugustMagnolia - Meal planning has been great for me! I still shop once a week because I love fresh veggies, but that's better then a bunch of small trips.

    @Ashley - I will visit your blog, meal planning is a wonderful thing!

    @Ms.Composure - I'd love to guest post! Just email me over some details. You can grab my email from my profile.