22 March 2012

Seeking Food Bloggers

Happy Spring everyone!  The leaves are budding, the birds are chirping, and I am enjoying having the windows wide open more often then not.

With spring rolling into full gear my mind can't help but plan for summer when my baby is due.  My belly is growing, and the nursery is taking shape.  I would like to keep the blog rolling along by planning posts for the end of my pregnancy and the first months of birth, and decided to also seek out some guest posts to help me along the way.


If you are a food blogger I am looking for you!  I'd like to feature a different food blog each week as a Food Blog Friday feature.  In order to be considered your blog must have some kind of healthy food twist - it doesn't have to be 100% health food orientated, but it should include enough healthy recipes to appeal to the readership of this blog.

This is a great way for your blog to be featured, and gain new readers.  The post will be shared with out 3237 and growing Facebook Fans, along with 3290 and growing Twitter Fans.  Any further social sharing you would like to do is encouraged and appreciated.

The format of the post will be as follows :

{Image : Screenshot of your Blog}
{Paragraph 1} Who you are, when you started blogging, why you blog.
{Paragraph 2} What your blog is all about & where it is going.
{Paragraph 3} What is your favorite food & why?
{Paragraph 4} Share 5 fun food facts or links to 5 of your favorite recipes from your blog.
{Paragraph 6} Conclusion, and links to your social networks.

I will be selecting blogs from inquiries, and would like to have posts completed within 15 days of approval.  I can pull the screenshot, but the writing is up to you.  Not every blog will be selected, but you will receive a response to your inquiry either way.  To apply for the opportunity just send me an email with Food Blogger in the subject line, and a link to your blog in the body of the email.  Quick & easy!


  1. Thanks to everyone that has emailed so far!

  2. Great idea ... alas, I am not a food blogger but I could write a guest post on how much it bothers me when commercials show talking food :) Read this ... http://shaunanosler.blogspot.com/2011/10/stop-making-my-food-talk.html

  3. Anonymous3/24/2012

    Brooke! This is a great idea and I would love to participate but I am having trouble emailing you... can you email me and I can reply to that? I am not sure what is going on with my wonky computer!! :)



  4. @Shauna - I never thought too much about talking food! ;)

    @Anonymous - I will send you an email.

  5. That is a great idea! I am a new follower from the I love my online friends blog hop.



  6. Thanks for stopping by! I will pop on over to your blog.