14 December 2011

Growing Money

Money is one of those topics that comes up in my photography frequently, because no matter what the economy is like people always want more of it.  I photography currency and calculators galore, piggy banks, and clocks too.  In this image I decided to take a literal take (and use some of the gardening props already in my studio) on the idea of Growing Money.

Growing money is something that most people plan on doing in their lifetime.  From money saved in piggy banks to stocks and 401K's everyone wants a secure retirement.  Personally I enjoy keeping topics of growing my money top of mind, and there is one blog in particular that I make sure to keep on my regular reading list called Get Rich Slowly.

I started reading Get Rich Slowly when I was saving for my first house, and looking for some regular reading for the times when I was waiting for emails from clients.  This blog is a great learning resource if you have a specific topis that you want to search in the archives.  The articles range from basic money advise to more complex topics covering a wide range of knowledge.  I enjoy reading topics relevant to my lifestyle, as well as those that don't apply as much just for the knowledge.  The blog is written in a way that the topics are easy for anyone to understand, and also has a large readership so you can count on some commentary in the comments for each post.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I like to keep important things in my life top of mind.  Through reading about money I am able to educate myself as well as find inspiration for new images to add to my stock photography collection.  Money is a popular subject, and one I will continue to shoot for years to come.

I pop by other blogs and read news articles on the topic of money as well, and if you have a favorite resource that you'd like to share I'd be interested in a link -- so leave a comment!

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