13 December 2011


As winter comes to pass, and the days darken sooner I am becoming nostalgic for spring.  Since I am living in the south now in contrast to the snowy northeast of my youth there is little chance of a white Christmas so I would rather skip the windy chill in the air that southerners call winter and move on to the new buds and flowers of spring.  I am waiting for long days to be accompanied by long walks.  I am dreaming of the bright green buds of spring, freshly grown and not yet darkened by the constant sunlight.  Until then I might just wish every once in awhile for a blizzard anyway - because you never know what life will bring.


  1. Very cute site. Following you via G+ and GFC from six in the nest. Stop by for some frugal savings ideas and a follow back.

  2. Amy - just stopped by to follow your blog! Great coupon savings, I never seem to get so many good deals, but I am learning!