16 April 2012

Farm Share & Meal Planning

I am taking a Monday off from my weekly meal plan ... so what put a wrench in my new habit?

I signed up last week for a CSA farm share with a local farm that does drop offs close to my home.  They have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and for an upfront fee I get a variety box of whatever is fresh for 12 weeks.  I enjoyed buying from this farm at my local farmers market, and love the convince of picking up a box each week and planning my meals around what is inside.

This is my first time doing a farm share even though it has been on my mind for several years now.  With my move to the Charleston, SC area I suddenly had many options to finally purchase a farm share.  I am not sure what to expect in the box that I will pick up on Tuesday so I am temporarily putting my meal planning on hold.

Just thinking about the box that will be waiting for me on Tuesday inspired my photographic mind, as well as wondering what new recipes I will discover.  So for this blog post I wanted to share a few resources that I bookmarked to re-visit when my box arrives.

15 Fresh Vegetable Side Dishes for Summer from Delish

Fruit & Vegetable Recipes from All Recipes

Farm Share Survival Guide from Babble

Recipes from Local Dish

So the plan is to go the grocery store and stock up on some meats for the freezer, and other basics.  Then I will see what it in my box tomorrow and go from there!

If you are interested in trying out a farm share check out Local Harvest -- that's where I found mine!

* Images & text copyright 2012 Brooke Photo Studio


  1. we joined a CSA This year too! Can't wait for it to start up in June!
    Following from Mom Blog Monday.


  2. We will have to compare notes!