17 April 2012

Healthy Picnicking

It is perfect picnic time of the year so grab some natural bug spray or make your own, and plan a sweet little afternoon with some delightful goodies.

A few weeks ago my husband and I stumbled on the perfect picnic location - it was an old civil war plantation on a river that was just far enough a walk from parking that no one else was wandering around.  We climbed up to the second floor porch, plopped down on some old wooden rocking chairs and enjoyed the picnic that he created.

When we went to the grocery store to grab some picnic treats, but were unable to find any bread fresh enough for our afternoon adventure so we ended up skipping it.

On the menu ...

Salami & Swiss Roll Ups for my husband which were simply slices of Swiss cheese and salami rolled up with a toothpick to hold them together.

Caprese Salad for me!  In a reusable container my husband stacked layers of fresh basil, roma tomatoes, and fresh mozarella cheese with a sprinkle of sea salt on top.

On the side fresh grapes already washed and plucked from the stems, and some bottles of coconut water to keep hydrated.

Our no-bread picnic was lovely, and will be on my to-do list for future romantic weekends.

* Images & text copyright 2012 Brooke Photo Studio

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