18 April 2012

Spring Cleaning Update

I think following up is important -- so I wanted to give you an update on my Spring Cleaning for this year.

Here's what I have gotten done so far ...


Upstairs Bath - Deep clean everything.  Grab a new smaller scrub brush to get into some of the deep crevices in the bath tub.  Don't forget baseboards, and steam cleaning floor.  Also clean out drawers and under the sink throwing away anything outdated.  Wash cloth shower curtain & replace plastic curtain liner.

Linen Closet - Refold where needed, and wash white towels with bleach.  Revisit miscellaneous section at the top of the closet and see if there is anything that can be donated.

Husband's Closet - Make sure clothes are all on matching hangers - donate the random ones.  Arrange shirts by season, and search for fallen clothes in the corners.  He just donated recently so there probably won't be much in here to get rid of.

Baby's Room - Organize our stuff in the back of the large closet packaging up random things, and donating anything not needed.  Possibly find a better place for my boxed up wedding dress.  Bring any baby product boxes we are saving out to garage.  Wash remaining baby clothes, crib sheets & cloth diapers to prepare for baby.  Scrub baseboards.

Master Bedroom - Clean out closet and dresser.  Pack up winter clothes, and clothes that do not fit right now to make room for maternity clothes.  Clean out dresser.  There should be some clothing donations from this room.  Clean out bedside table.  Bring clothes in dry cleaner pile to the dry cleaner.  Clean baseboards.  Nourish wood furniture.

Loft & General - Vacuum all rooms upstairs including staircase & wash baseboards in loft.  Loft is still waiting on furniture so doesn't need additional cleaning. 


Kitchen - Check cabinets that were cleaned and organized recently for anything out of place.  Deep clean refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher.  For the dishwasher I like to sprinkle with baking soda and run on a full cycle empty to get a good deep clean.  Wash baseboards, and wood floor.  Pantry should still be almost clean, but a touch up will be needed.  Get a shelf to organize spice cabinet.  Find a better location for champagne flutes.  Move out refrigerator and dishwasher to clean behind.  Wash top of refrigerator.  Wipe down surfaces.

Hall Closet & Entry Way - Wash wood floors and baseboards.  Clean out shoe basket.  Add a bin for purses on top shelf, and grocery bags on bottom to keep better organized.

Bath - Deep clean same as upstairs.

Dining Room - Baseboards & nourish dining table and chairs.

Living Room - Baseboards & nourish furniture.  Wash pillow covers, and dust everything thoroughly.  Wipe glass on frames.


Garage - All set thanks to my husband cleaning it out after he built us a fabulous bookshelf for the loft.

Back Porch - Wash with water to get rid of pollen.  Vacuum carpet & get rid of pots with dead flowers.  get husband to deep clean grill.  Think about a pretty plant or two in the landscaping.

So in a nutshell I still need to do baseboards throughout, put a bin in the linen closet for purses & Vacuum outdoors.  The baseboards are my nemesis since I am currently 34 weeks pregnant so I may have to enlist some help on that one.  The other stuff is easy.  Spring cleaning was a snap this year -- the list helped, and I just tackled it all one room at a time!

* Images & text copyright 2012 Brooke Photo Studio

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