19 April 2012

10 More Healthy Road Trip Snacks

In January I wrote about 10 Healthy Snacks for Road Trips.  Now that I am expecting my first child my ideas about healthy food I can eat on the run are expanded since it seems like I am always snacking on the go so I decided to bring you 10 More Healthy Road Trip Snacks.

1 - Leftover cold chicken from dinner the night before.  Snacks high in protein are good for energy, and if you are like me and season instead of sauce your meat than it makes for good finger food when chopped up in advance.

2 - Homemade protein bars.  I was told to get some of those carbohydrates out of my life so I like this recipe which is low carb, but there are many choices out there on the web.  These will fill you up until your next meal stop, and are much more cost effective then grabbing some from a gas station on the way.

3 - Coconut water.  This is my new favorite drink.  It hydrates like a sports drink in a natural way and tastes fantastic.  You can find it in the bottled water section of your grocery store.  I like mine a little bit watered down so I buy the big container and mix it with some water in a bottle to drink.  Make sure to bring a cooler with ice if this is on your list -- it tastes best cold.

4 - The super sandwich!  This is a trick that travels well and feeds many people all at once or just a few people for a long time.  Take a loaf of bread and make the entire loaf into sandwiches of your choice.  Then stack the sandwiched up and stuff them back in the original bag.  Take sandwiches off the top as needed without creating any additional waste.  This works best if all the sandwiches are the same type.

5 - Rice Cakes make a great portable snack, but they can get a little boring.  Spread some peanut butter between two plain rice cakes for flavor, nutrition, and to keep the mess down.

6 - Portable fruits and vegetables are quick and easy to grab if you make a pit stop at a grocery store.  Try grapes, berries, cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots to start.

7 - Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are one of my favorite road foods.  If you have a health food orientated grocery store nearby you may have many fresh selections.  If you are in a regular old grocery store look for these products in the candy isle or with the fruits and vegetables.  It is also quite easy to make your own if you have a food dehydrator.

8 - Yogurt is quick, easy, and very portable.  You can combine it with some of that fresh fruit mentioned earlier for an even better snack.

9 - Mini Hummus Sandwiches can be made by spreading hummus between two pits slices.  Cut these small to serve as a snack or leave large to serve as a lunchtime sandwich.  Hummus comes in a variety of flavors at the grocery store or make your own by simply blending chic peas, olive oil, garlic, and spices of your choice in a food processor.

10 - Healthy Mini Muffins can be made in advance for a sweeter, but still healthy treat.  Choose your recipe wisely to pack in the most nutrition.  Here's a good recipe idea to get you started.

Enjoy your journey!

* Images & text copyright 2012 Brooke Photo Studio

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