20 April 2012

Blog : Whole Foods on a Budget

Today I have a guest post in the Food Blogger Friday series from Christy of Whole Foods on a Budget.  Her blog is a fantastic resource for those looking to eat healthy without breaking the bank, and I hope you enjoy her post and get a chance to try a few of her recipes.  If you are interested in having your blog featured on Food Blog Friday, you can find all the details here.

Hello!  My name is Christy, and I blog at Whole Foods on a Budget.  I'm married to a wonderful man, and we have four children ages 7, 5, 1 and one more due soon.  We live on the East Coast in suburbia in a very expensive county...which is important to mention in light of my blog.  I grew up eating classic health food, thanks to my mom, who was all over cooking from scratch and eating whole foods.  About five years ago I took my basic health food approach a bit further after reading and studying nutrition and food.  My philosophy before was kind of "Just avoid the obvious bad foods," but my new philosophy became, "What foods can I buy that are the best quality nutritionally, and how can I prepare them to make them as healthy and nourishing as possible?"  I transitioned to buying primarily organic produce, organic whole grains and beans, and pastured/grass-fed/antibiotic and hormone free dairy and meats, plus unprocessed basics (like cold-pressed oils and unrefined salt) all while on a very modest monthly budget of $325 for two adults and 2 littles.  Soon friends were asking me how in the world we could afford to eat organic foods?!  After several years of sharing my strategies with many friends, acquaintances and friends of friends, I finally taught a small class about it...which led to me finally starting a blog about the topic. 

With my blog I want to dispel the myth that most people can't afford to eat healthfully.  Certain healthy, whole foods are actually some of the cheapest foods!  I also want to be a resource to anyone seeking to better their diet without raising their spending.  My blog is not there to convince you to eat like we do, but rather I hope to help readers--wherever they are at in their personal food journey--to find ways to eat more nutritious foods without spending more money.  It's very easy to overspend on food, but you don't have to!  I also want to inspire people to eat more whole foods by sharing simple, delicious recipes.  Healthy food should taste good!  On my blog you will find an assortment of delicious recipes, occasional information on nutrition, shopping strategies to help you spend less time and less money (like avoiding the grocery store...seriously!), cooking tips, helping your kids eat healthfully and stay healthy, simple gardening info, and occasionally some inexpensive recipes for or info on natural living (like how to make an easy, all natural sunblock). Through all I share, I try to keep things simple and encourage my readers to make food goals and work toward them one step at a time.  None of us can do everything, but we can each make one small change at a time that over time enhances our well-being and eventually gets us to where we want to be.

My favorite food is...almost everything?  My husband and I LOVE good food!  We both are gourmets at heart and enjoy cooking, eating, and trying new recipes and ethnic foods.  As far as a category of favorite food goes, I am part Italian and so I tend to head that direction for some good comfort food.  I guess I should also mention that that "almost everything" I like doesn't include junk food.  Having not been raised on it, I just honestly don't like it.  My husband has found that the longer he eats whole foods, the less appealing junk food has become. Many things he used to like he no longer cares for.  We also both feel far better physically eating the way we do.

Brooke asked me to share with you five of my current favorite recipes from my blog:

1. Dinner kabobs for kids: no cooking necessary, super easy, nutritious, kids love 'em!

2. Our family's favorite breakfast "cake":  both the original version and the sourdough version. We eat it almost weekly in our home. 

3. Vanilla extract: who knew it was this ridiculously easy to make? (It's almost laughable.)

4. Tuscan Bread Salad: the perfect summer salad--vibrant colors and intense flavors, yum!!!

5. I couldn't choose between these last two recipes--both favorites in our home--so I'm sharing both of them: Stuffed Escarole and Sweet & Savory Carrots with Bacon.  Two delicious ways to eat more veggies!

Besides my blog, you can find me on Twitter (@ChristyWFOAB), Facebook (Whole Foods on a Budget) and Pinterest (Christylma).  My sister and I are also currently writing a cookbook on whole foods full of tips on how to stock your pantry, how to cook your basic grains, and of course, plenty of delicious recipes!  We hope to have it released by the fall.

Thanks, Brooke, for letting me share a bit about myself and my blog!

* Images & text copyright 2012 Whole Foods on a Budget.


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