23 April 2012

Natural Skincare

Lately chemicals in skincare and make up have been in the news.  I live a hybrid lifestyle as far as the "green" products I buy, and the more mainstream ones that are also used on a daily basis.  Since I found out I was pregnant I have begun the switch to more natural options for make up and skincare for my health, and the health of my baby.  During this journey I have often found that the natural products are working better then their predecessors.

The simplest way to make the switch is to start shopping for your skincare and make up at a health food store or grocery store like Whole Foods.  I like this option because I am able to still try out testers, and read the ingredients and labels on the products that I buy.  There is also usually someone in store who can answer any questions that I may have.

If you are shopping on the internet I have found that Amazon has a great selection of natural skincare and makeup products, and enjoy reading the customer reviews before I make a purchase.  I often start with a website like EWG.org and search by the product I need to purchase.  They rate products on a scale of 1-10 as far as the safety of ingredients.  A score of 1-2 gets a green label, and I read descriptions and chose a product from that section of the list.  This website is also a great resource for finding out how safe products you already own are.

I believe in making small changes in my lifestyle, and this one has been a positive so far.  Maybe some of the products made with modern chemicals aren't really that bad for you, but with so many natural options out there it is easy, and affordable to make the switch just in case.

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