12 April 2012

Loving Life's Details

I often write about appreciating the little things in life, but it is a topic that I think bears repeating.  One thing that I really enjoy about the area where I live is the abundance of old trees.  In the midst of new developments, I am still able to find areas where ancient trees have stood the test of time.  Sometimes they are hidden in strange places throughout the city.  I consider these the lucky trees that were somehow chosen to remain standing while others fell.  Most of the time they are off in parks or countryside and beg for me to pull over and admire their detail.  Spring is the perfect time to admire natures beauty, and I often find myself wondering what each tree has bore witness to over its lifetime.  Mysterious, luxurious, and beautiful each tree inspires me to appreciate the little things in my life.

* Images & text copyright 2012 Brooke Photo Studio

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