13 April 2012

Blog : Our Nourishing Journey

Welcome to Week #2 of Food Blogger Friday. Each week I will be featuring a new food blog in order to expand my reading list & discover new recipes. If you are interested in having your blog featured here's a link to the post with full details. 

Food Blogger Friday
Our Nourishing Journey
Author : Linnae

My name is Linnae and I am passionate about good food! I live in Minnesota with my husband, son, 2 dogs and 4 cats.  I started blogging in November 2011 because I wanted to spread the word about what good nutrition has done to cure my son's autism and my anxiety. You can read his amazing story here and mine here.

My blog Our Nourishing Journey is all about how food really can heal. I provide recipes, techniques, food info and really anything else that has helped us along the way. It is a work in progress and I have so many great ideas! I wish there were more time in the day to be able to achieve them all at once, but I realize I have to do one thing at a time. Right now, the blog is purely informative. I am hoping to have more time to blog soon, I want to focus on more recipes, specifically ethnic and cultured foods.

My favorite food  is probably bacon. No wait, it's butter... no wait... oven fried chicken skin ... oh but I love chocolate so much too! It's so hard to pick just one! Right now I can have all the bacon, butter, chicken skins I want but I have to avoid chocolate because we are on the GAPS diet. Someday I hope to enjoy chocolate again. (On a side note, Easter and my birthday are coming up so I will be enjoying a wee bit of chocolate- I figure you've got to live a little too! I have been on the GAPS diet for almost a year so I think it'll be ok! Wink!) It's probably a good thing all my favorite foods are fats (except the chocolate, of course) because that's so important on the GAPS diet.

On my blog you will find some great recipes for healing foods. For instance you can start your day off right with a Power Packed Smoothie, and if you are daring enough and really want to pack in the nutrition try the Breakfast of Champions. Or for a great afternoon snack you can treat yourself to some Homemade soda that is actually good for you and Crispy Kale Chips. And if you really want to boost your health, learn how to make some Fabulous Ferments! That's just a sampling of what's on my blog; there is so much more to come!!

The bottom line is that I want people to know that eating healthy can be easy, and eating to heal your body doesn't have to be hard. So, whether you have no physical ailments and just want better health or you have some health problems that you would like to try to heal, there are real food solutions. My blog is just in the beginning stages and I have tons of information that I want to share with you so check back often. Or better yet, sign up for my mailing list and watch me grow. I would love to hear from you on facebook, twitter and pinterest as well. 

* Images & text copyright 2012 Our Nourishing Journey.

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