04 April 2012

Spring Cleaning Progress

I recently wrote about my personal plan for spring cleaning in this post.  Well ... I am glad that it is still spring because my progress has been slow!  I am expecting my first child, and still working full time at Brooke Photo Studio so my time has been limited.

I decided to start upstairs and work my way down.  All of the big closet cleaning projects are up there so better to knock those out first!  I tackled the closet in the baby's room first which was quite the undertaking.  Somehow the baby ended up with the big walk in closet so we had some miscellaneous things in there that needed to get donated, moved, and re-organized.  Now we are down to just a few non-baby items in the closet including our suits & gowns, the boxed up wedding dress and a few other boxes.  This left lots of shelf space for the baby supplies that we have collected along the way and at the shower as well as plenty of room to store larger items we are not yet using like the swing and high chair.  I also washed all of the baby clothes and arranged them by size on hangers in the closet leaving the dresser for the smaller items like socks, burp cloths, swaddle blankets, etc.  The nursery looks fantastic, and could not be more organized if it tried.  I still have to scrub the baseboards, and wash the cloth diapers, but that room is just where we need it to be for a baby due June 1st.

Now I am in the closet in the master bedroom which is where I keep my clothing which is quite the task to tackle.  I am trying to organize and separate clothes into categories so I can easily switch things out after baby arrives.  Between maternity clothes, and regular clothes there is more going on than usual and I don't want to donate too much until I see where my body is after baby.  I am hoping to get off work about an hour early to continue this project so I can move on to the rest of the upstairs this weekend which in comparison should be a snap!

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  1. You've got a lot of energy for someone who's expecting! I may need to borrow some :) Sounds like you'll have your place whipped into shape in no time at all :)