06 April 2012

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I am starting a new feature this week that I like to think of as Food Blogger Friday.  Each week I will be featuring a new food blog in order to expand my reading list & discover new recipes.  If you are interested in having your blog featured here's a link to the post with full details.  This is a project that I have wanted to get rolling since the blog was born, and I am excited to finally share the first installment with you!

Food Blogger Friday
Natural Health & Prevention
Author : Jessica

My name is Jessica and I started my blog in 2011.  After being a nurse for 10 years and encountering some health issues that the "modern" medical field could do nothing to help, I turned to the holistic world of medicine where I found help and healing.  As a result, I decided to enroll in Vintage Remedies' Holistic Wellness Practitioner Program (which I have completed) and their Clinical Master Herbalist Program, which I am currently working through.  I am also enrolled in the East West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies to become an Advance Aromatherapy Practitioner.  I started my blog to share all the wonderful things I am learning about natural health and to be a resource and practitioner for those who are looking for a gentle, natural way to heal their bodies.

My blog discusses many aspects of natural living, including diet, herbs, aromatherapy, homeopathy and more!  I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen and love it even more, now that I have converted to an organic whole foods diet.  In fact, my sister and I are currently writing a cookbook, which we hope to release this winter to help those who wish to make the transition from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to a Whole Foods Diet.  We love to encourage people to embrace a local, organic diet.  I also like to discuss herbal and aromatic remedies, showing others just how easily natural remedies can be incorporated into one's life.  I want to empower others to learn the beauty of natural remedies and take an active role in caring for and healing their bodies.

A favorite food...so hard to pick just one!  I think I will have to pick sourdough.   One of my favorite pastimes in making sourdough products for our family, grinding my own grain into fresh ready to use flour.  Every week we enjoy sourdough bread, sourdough cake, and/or sourdough pancakes.  I love working with new varieties of sourdough recipes creating all kinds of family favorite recipes.  I tend to use soft wheat (a lower gluten form of wheat), kamut, spelt, and oat groats when I make my sourdough products.  This will be a bit denser than using white flour, but they are delicious and surprisingly light and airy.  One of our favorite treats is a loaf of hot out of the oven sourdough bread dunked in fresh organic olive oil from a local farmer, and pink salt.  Just can't be beat!
I would enjoy sharing five links to recipes on my blog.  

As you will see from reading my blog, I am passionate about teaching others how to care for their bodies using natural remedies and proper nutrition.  You can connect with me on my blog, facebook, and my pintrest page.  I love to see the growing number of bloggers who share a similar vision, one of whom is my sister. She has an excellent blog called Whole Foods on a Budget, which is a great resource for those looking to eat an organic, whole foods diet, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg in the process!  I am also a contributing writer for the Nourishedl Living Network, an amazing group of bloggers who discuss all aspects of healthy living.  We would love to have you stop by and take a look at our website and our facebook page. 


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